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PHPEditTable is a class which mimics a simple spreadsheet behaviour. It handles cell formatting as well as math expressions based on cells' addresses parsing.


Sample (and commented) code

    require('../class_EditTable.php');                         // read class file
    $e = new EditTable(13,8);                                  // instantiate class, set 13 columns and 8 rows 

    $e->setRow(0,'macro', 'header',                            // set row 0 properties
                 'background-color', '#dddddd',
                 'value', array('sizes','34','36','38','40','42','44','46','48','50','52','54','sum'));

    $e->setCol(0,'macro', 'header',                            // set column 0 properties
                 'background-color', '#dddddd',
                 'width', '140px',
                 'value', array('sizes','available','team 1','team 2','team 3','team 4','sum', 'difference'));

    $e->setCol(12,'macro', 'header',                           // set column 12 properties 
                  'background-color', '#dddddd');

    $e->setRange(12,1,12,6, 'formula', 'SUM(@B#:L#)');         // set formula for cells from (12,1) to (12,6)
                                                               // i.e. formula for cell (12,4) will be SUM(@B3:L3)
                                                               // addresses: A1 = (0,0), B1 = (1,0), A3 = (0,2)
    $e->setRow(array(1,6,7),'macro', 'header');                // set rows 1, 6 and 7 property
    $e->setRange(1,2,11,5, 'background-color', '#eeeeee');     // set range (1,2) to (11,5) background-color
    $e->setRange(0,6,0,7, 'color', 'blue');  
                          'onplus_color', 'yellow',            // set condition YELLOW color if value in cell > 0
                          'onminus_color', 'red',              // set condition RED color if value in cell < 0
                          'onzero_color', 'blue');             // set condition BLUE  color if value in cell == 0

    $e->setRow(1,'value', array('available',10,8,8,8,8,4,5,8,10,6,2),    // set contents of a row
                 'color', 'green');                                      // set color of a row
    // set validation rule (must validate to != 0 if to be submitted, when result is 0, validation is failed
    //                      and alert is shown)                    
                    'All differences shall be zero 0.');
    $e->setSheet('type','int');                                // all user input data must have only digits and '-'
    $e->userString = '<input type="hidden" name="sel" value="1">';   // add some user string to form

    $e->DrawSheet();                                                 // draw table
    $e->focus(1,2);                                                  // focus first editable cell

Sample of above code (screenshot)



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